Sindolor 3 for 23 eu …


Sindolor 3 for 23 eu …




SinDOLOR Rol On 3 for 23 euro , what is this?

SinDOLOR Rol On is a product based on natural extracts that give’s immediately pain relief hot/cold.

A handy roll-on gel for natural and immediate relief from muscular & joint pain
This product is mostly use for muscle pain, arthritis, neck pain, insect bites, etc, etc.

Just massage gently the pain full area with plenty of the product covers the area, and use a woolen cloth dampend in warm water, and hold it for 10 minutes.

SinDOLOR / SINDOL OR-GEL, has been very effective in cases of bites wasps, bees (in this case, take the sting first), mosquitoes and generally all insects.
In this case spread with abundant product treatment area and massage on the bite vigorously for several minutes. If necessary, consult your doctor.

Suitable for professional use, either manually or with any known apparatus.
Only for external application.

It can be used from 7 years.

Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes or wounds.
Do not use with other products.
This product is not a medicine, or is not intended to cure diseases.

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